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The Weight Dissolver Program can help anyone, at any age, to lose weight. There’s no dangerous medications… or food deprivation here. Instead, it’s just about adding more of the foods you love, and less of the foods you’d rather not be eating anyways. And of course, it’s about doing that in an intelligent fashion.

This one of a kind weight loss guide sells like crazy and until now has been available only to select Super Affiliates. The sales letter has been carefully split tested to convert as well as possible. Great information and low refund rate seen on multiple traffic sources.

Customer Fact Sheet:

  • 57% male, 43% female
  • 67% 45 years or older
  • 30% spent more than $1,000 in online purchases in the past 12 months
  • 75% more likely to spend heavily on medications

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Fresh Weight Loss Conversion Machine.

How I Lost 42 Lbs By Simply Checking My Urine Color. Excellent Funnel With Multiple Upsells = More $$$ Per Sale!

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Subject line 1: Your Urine Color Linked To Weight Gain


Even scientists were alarmed when they saw this...

They couldn't believe that a lot of the people with weight issues have this one thing in common.

The color of their urine.

And somehow, your urine color determines how easily you gain weight.


It all has to do with the amount of water you drink...

And why if you exceed this amount of water intake a day, you could wreck your metabolism.

Find out more here:

Urine Color Linked To Weight Gain?


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Subject line 2: Why Drinking Water Makes You Fatter (Latest Research)


Drinking 8 glasses of water per day makes you FAT?

That's what scientists are saying, and you'll never guess the reason why. (Hint: It's NOT water weight they're talking about)

Don’t pour yourself another glass of water until you’ve watched this alarming video.

A man almost lost his life because he committed this mistake.

In this video, you’ll get a full list of other "hidden" weight gainers which are adding several inches to your belly right now.

Plus, you'll find out how many glasses of water you really SHOULD be drinking if you want to rapidly slim down.


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Subject line 3: 8 Glasses Of Water/Day Accelerate Aging By 73%? (Latest Research)


Drinking the "recommended" amount of water every day makes you age FASTER?

It sounds insane, but according to scientists the answer is YES.

And you’ll never guess the reason why… (Hint: It’s NOT about the purity of your water).

So don’t even think about reaching for your next water bottle until you’ve watched this alarming video.

To be honest, this sounded like complete nonsense to me at first...

But then I saw the science behind this discovery that’s already changed minds and the lives of more than 79,000 people...

A discovery that allows you to instantly reverse the aging process as well as lose over 53 pounds in 6 weeks, even if you feel like NOTHING has ever worked for you.

And inside this short video, you’ll also get a full list of reasons why many other things you THOUGHT were good for your health...

Like exercising for more than 30 minutes a week...

Actually do the complete opposite, slowing your metabolism and forcing fat to stick on you.

Plus, you’ll find out how many glasses of water you REALLY should be drinking if you want to hold on to your youthful glow as long as possible.


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