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About Us

With more than 15 years of experience in online marketing and advertising, Revenue River has a strong team of highly skilled and innovative thinkers who take digital direct marketing to the next level.

We have a team of talented graphic designers, rockstar copywriters, marketing gurus, profit-driven media buyers and master developers. Together, they successfully launched and scaled over 43 supplement brands, 150 infoproducts and 27 e-commerce products, which resulted in more than 100 million in sales and affiliate commissions just in 2021.

We are constantly leading the direct response market, redefining digital performance growth in a variety of niches.

What makes us stand out among competition is our unique approach. It involves a complementary mix of human talent, visionary thinking, proprietary data, agile processes and in-house software solutions. So far, this approach has brought us stellar achievements and results. 

Why Our Affiliates Love Us

We constantly launch different products and run a ton of split tests. We understand how VITAL it is to have products that are optimized to convert over numerous platforms (Email, Native, Google, Facebook). 

Before being released to our affiliates, each of our offers is thoroughly tested by our team until it converts extremely profitably on cold traffic.

We provide all affiliates the resources needed to help them start earning profits immediately and see sales roll-in with extremely high commissions.

We offer personalized services that match our affiliates’ needs and bring them high conversion rates.  

We are constantly monitoring our offers and removing underperforming campaigns, making sure that our partners’ profits are not affected. Volume and proven affiliates also benefit from our Instant Commission Bump.

When our affiliates’ success is at stake, there is no room for mistakes. That is why we have invested in the latest tracking technology that monitors multiple digital campaigns across all verticals.

Top Offers

Our activities have always evolved and covered a wide range of industries:

Stats of Our Top Offers

Top Affiliate Advantages

Our payment processor Clickbank, is the most reliable around. Your commissions are paid like clockwork and you can check your stats anytime you'd like.

Our payment processor, BuyGoods, is the most trustworthy one could wish for. Your commissions are always paid on time and your stats are nonstop at your fingertips.

Our payment processor, Digistore24, is renowned for its reliability. Count on timely commission payouts and easy access to your real-time stats whenever you need them.

You get access to the best affiliate center around with high-converting e-mail creatives that will transform clicks into sales.

No guesswork. We partner only with 6-figures top copywriters to craft our offers and test them in-house first to make sure they convert.

Our sales funnels and swipe copy are optimized and proven to convert across multiple markets.

We've been split testing to determine the highest converting sales page and price for you.

Regularly receive top opportunity offers and exclusivity deals as a Super Affiliate.

We pay minimum 65% commission to all affiliates on the front-end product, along with all the upsells. This can increase even further to 90%, depending on your sales volume.

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