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Toxic Metal Flush

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According to studies by the Institute of Ecological Chemistry, over the years your body has been BOMBARDED by dozens of toxic, poisonous metals on a daily basis…

And your system has been absorbing things like aluminum, nickel, and mercury at such a fast rate that your body has become overwhelmed.

Worst still…as you accidentally consume these toxic metals…

They end up leeching into your cells, your blood, your vital organs and glands, your skin, and basically your entire body.

This end result is what doctors call cellular poisoning, and it is one of the major reasons why reasonably healthy people end up with things like cancer, liver disease and dozens of other awful conditions.

Toxic Metal Flush is a great all-purpose, general-health product that targets numerous health-affections at the same time. The unique angle of TMF was extensively tested in-house and had surprising results, including on cold traffic & ultra burned-out health customers lists. Low refunds and very well performing upsells make this product a clear winner!

Customer Fact Sheet:

  • Women & men, 55-60 years old
  • 49% college attended
  • 24% of women equated losing their hair with losing a limb.
  • 48% spent more than $1,300 in online purchases in the past 12 months

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One-of-a-kind general health offer!

Are You Taking In These Toxic Heavy Metals With Your Food?  Excellent EPC earnings & ultra low refunds!

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Subject line 1:

This Dishwasher Soap Poisoned Over 15,600 Americans! (Change It Immediately!)




Are you taking in toxic metals with your food?

Over 15,600 Americans filled emergency rooms vomiting and accusing over tiredness...

Doctors were alarmed to detect over 100 different poisonous metals in their bodies...

And soon discovered what was wrecking their systems.

As no medication or traditional cleanse could remove the deadly toxins fast enough...

They decided to use a new treatment, based on a cutting edge research from scientists at Dartmouth College...

A highly absorbent mixture...

Now recommended for anybody who used this dishwasher soap or any of these common kitchen items that are filled with heavy metals and dangerous chemicals.

As the mixture is 100% natural...

You can find the ingredients at the local grocery store for under $7...

And use it right now in your home...

Especially if you’re experiencing these early symptoms!



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Subject line 2: Washing Your Body With Cancer? (Throw Away This Soap Immediately!)




FDA may have its guidelines... But despite them, this killer soap, and several other cleaning products slipped through the cracks...

And the horrifying truth is they’re packed with cancerous metals...

That enter your body especially when the warm water opens up all of your skin pores!




Alarmed by this news, scientists at Dartmouth University invented a completely natural mixture that acts like a magnet...

And is medically proven to extract the cancerous metals right out of you.

All you need in order to use the treatment right now, in your home...

Is this powerful healing clay and a couple of ingredients...

That can be found at the local store for under $7!

So check this list and if you’ve been using any of these toxic products…

It’s crucial you begin the treatment immediately!

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