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Gums disease, tooth decay or bad breath have nothing to do with how good your oral hygiene is, but with a life-threatening bacteria buried deep inside your gums, eating at your roots and spreading like a plague to your throat, nose and airways.

No teeth cleaning method can reach the places where the dangerous bacteria hides, and the only substance that can reach the bacteria hiding place is your saliva.

The only solution is to turn your saliva into an incredibly powerful disinfectant & teeth strengthener by using natural but extremely potent ingredients.

Product Update: Following the huge EPCs reported by beta affiliates, we are planning to add physical packages to this product (supplements, creams, etc.)

Customer Fact Sheet:

  • Core target: male, 40-50 y.o (Extended: 35-60 y.o)
  • Race: Hispanic, Black
  • Occupation: Construction, Transportation, Leisure, Retail, Service, Sales
  • 65.4% living below the federal poverty level
  • 66.9% less than high school education
  • 64.2% current smokers

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New product for the dental niche.

Do This 60 Seconds Dental Trick Before Going to Bed Tonight. Tested To Cold Media Before Launching. Works For Wide Traffic Range.

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Subject line 1:
60-Second Trick Rebuilds Your Teeth and Gums Overnight (Users Say It’s Better Than Implants)


Doctors still can't believe their eyes...

Every person who did this 60-second trick before going to bed, experienced a dramatic rejuvenation of their gums, rebuilt their teeth...

And even got rid of bad breath and ugly spots...

No matter how advanced their tooth decay was...

And all they had to do is mix 2 dirt-cheap ingredients.

Some of them even claim they'll never have to go to the dentist again after this...

See here the breakthrough method that's making dental implants absolutely useless!


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Subject line 2:
Chew This Soft Homemade Bubblegum To Rebuild Your Teeth and Gums Overnight


Researchers say that this is "better than implants"!

In fact, this simple soft homemade bubblegum recipe is better than any dental procedure out there.

So, even if you've been suffering from tooth decay for years and your gums seem beyond repair...

This soft bubblegum is so powerful that it could rebuild your entire mouth overnight!

Find out more about it here:

Chew this to regain your healthy teeth and gums!


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Subject line 3:
People Whose Gums Look Like This Hide A Life-Threatening Bacteria


This rare picture taken in a dentist’s office reveals a life-threatening bacteria developing in your gums at this very moment.

New research shows that it "nests" in your gums and rots away the roots of your teeth...

Not only that, but your life can even be in danger because this silent killer can pass into your bloodstream and spread to your brain in a matter of hours!

Find out what you can do about it here:

Killer bacteria hidden in your gums.

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Subject line 4:
If Your Gums Are This Damaged, Your Teeth Will Fall Out In A Few Months


Damaged gums may seem harmless at first...

But even if it’s not yet painful, never ever ignore this sign.

Because the truth is your roots have started to rot from the inside out...

And this will cause your teeth to fall out in less than a few months!

Find out more here:

1 sure sign your teeth are being eaten from the inside out and what to do about it.

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