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Up until last year, I couldn’t have even named five starting quarterbacks in the NFL…

Or told you who the best five pitchers were in the majors…

Or even which NBA teams were any good.

So when I started winning more than $125,000 almost every month just sitting on my computer betting on sports…

My friends and family simply couldn’t believe it.

They all said I was just getting “extremely lucky”… and that it must have been a fluke.

They simply didn’t think it was possible for an everyday guy like me to win on 77% of every bet I placed…

Especially since I was betting on almost every major American sport, even those I had ZERO knowledge about.

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Customer Fact Sheet:

  • Mostly men, 40-50+ years old
  • 80% of US adult population actively gambles
  • Biggest sports gambling states: Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia
  • Gambling losses per US adult average $500-$600/year

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Watching ESPN Made Me A Millionaire! This product practically sells itself!

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Subject line 1: Watching ESPN Made Me a Millionaire




It's hard to believe I've earned over $1.2 million in the last 14 months...

Especially considering the way I've done it.

I just wake up...

Place a few online sports wagers...

Then turn on TV, ESPN in the background and do whatever I want to with my day.

See The Exact Way I Place Winning Bets Here.

I haven't worked in well over a year...

And it's all thanks to the sports betting system I've discovered.

You'll see a free video explaining exactly how the system works just by clicking here...

And the best part is that you don't need to know a single thing about betting on sports... or have hundreds of dollars in spare cash to use it.

Just Look At The People Who Are Making A Fulltime Income From Watching ESPN

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Subject line 2: Why This Doctor Quit His Job to Bet on Sport




When most people think about a full time gambler they picture some down-on-his-luck guy smoking cigars and betting horses.

That's why it's hard for folks to believe that a guy like me, who was a pediatrician for twenty-seven years...

Would quit his job to bet on sports.

But the truth is I make way more money now than I ever have as a doctor...

And the only "work" I have to do is spend about 4 hours per week doing some research on

Then place my bet on one of the dozens of safe and completely legal sports wagering sites out there.

Of course, I'm not just "guessing" who the winners will be.

Instead, I'm using this crazy sports betting formula...

And it's allowed me, and hundreds of other people across the country, to cash-in on about 82% of all the bets I place.

This formula is the same one that the oddsmakers in Vegas use to determine who will REALLY win each game...

Seriously - you'll be shocked by how easy this formula is to learn and use.

Take a look at the formula before it gets taken down by the betting companies.

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