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Why sea turtles can live to be a whopping 80 years old, yet our pets like dogs and cats die so young?

First, they have long and healthy telomeres, which degrade much slower than dogs’ and cats’ do, and these healthy telomeres keep chromosomes healthy and stop degenerative diseases from ever forming.

Second, sea turtles produce low quantities of the hormone IGF-1, and this is correlated to a longer lifespan.

Finally, I discovered that the mineral Folic Acid both promotes telomere health AND lowers the production of the IGF-1 hormone.

I then teamed up with veterinarians, scientists, and nutritionists to create customized plans that add the right amount of Folic Acid to pets’ diets, which has been designed to enhance health and increase lifespan thousands of times over.

People will do pretty much anything for their beloved pets! According to statistics, in the US alone, there are more than 43,346,000 households owning dogs and 36,117,000 households with cats. Pet Longevity Secrets was created specifically to cater for the emotional needs of pet owners. When a huge market meets a great product, only one thing can happen: huge profits! With little to none competition, Pet Longevity Secrets is definitely the winning horse you can bet on today!

Customer Fact Sheet:

  • Women & men, 40-50+ years old
  • Veterinary expenditure per household per year: $378 for dogs, $191 for cats
  • Roughly 1 in 5 pet owners spend $100/month for their pet
  • 58% spent more than $1,000 in online purchases in the past 12 months

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Monetize people’s love for their pets!

How To Keep Your Fur Babies Healthy Longer! Excellent EPC earnings.

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If you're a pet lover like I am you know firsthand the joy and love that you can get from your pets.

But you also know that all that love and affection, the care and joy... come with a price.

Even at their healthiest our pets won't outlast us, and sooner or later we have to say that painful last goodbye.

I just found out about an incredible new development in pet longevity research that's going to make that last "goodbye" a whole lot further in the future.

You owe it to your pet's health and their livelihood to go and see for yourself just how effective this new research is in helping your pet live a much longer and much healthier life.

Take a look here.

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Subject line 2: Vets and Pet Food Companies Going Hand in Hand To Sicken Your Pet. HUGE SCANDAL




Warning: The following story is SHOCKING! But true...

Ever wondered how your pet's food is made... out of what? And who gets to win?

Not you or your loved pet, that's for sure.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of pounds of recycled rubbish is shipped to ranches, farms, feedlots - and pet food manufacturers.

In case you didn't know, many rendering plants are unavoidably processing toxic waste, too.

As shocking as it is to believe, ingredients like slaughterhouse waste; dying, diseased and disabled farm animals; contaminated grain middling, distiller fermentation waste, spoiled supermarket food, euthanized cats and dogs, restaurant grease and much more are used as pet food ingredients...

Not to mention that dead animals are frequently accompanied by a host of unwanted contaminants. Or that fish oil is commonly contaminated with mercury and other heavy metals.

Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals follow livestock directly into the poisonous "soup" sold as pet food. And drugs given to euthanize animals have been regularly found in the rendered product too.

Even plastics can sometimes end up in the process.

I respect vets, and they are generally dedicated to animal health. But big companies generally sponsor them and their qualifications are for surgery, conventional treatment, and drug prescription. So every time a pet gets sick because of the toxic food, they get to win as well.

That's why it's so important for every pet owner to be able to spot these dubious ingredients sold as "healthy nutrition"- and to avoid buying the products that have been made using these questionable materials.

ACT NOW and keep your pet safe, healthy and most important, ALIVE.

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