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The key to what makes Massive Male Secret so effective lies in how it works.

Other male “enhancement” pills and drugs send a rush of blood to your penis. That may make it look larger or fuller for a few moments, but they don’t actually increase your overall size.

With Massive Male Secret, on the other hand, I’ve identified 22 equatorial foods that do something completely different…

You see: each of these foods contains enzymes and nutrients that actually promote growth of your erectile tissue.

All 22 are natural to 5 countries that are on the Equator, which is right at the middle of the earth.

It’s no coincidence that these 5 countries also have men with the largest penis sizes in the world, on average.

While folks in Asia have penises that are around 4”… these 5 countries have penises that are around 6.8” or in the case of the Congo, 7.1”.

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Customer Fact Sheet:

  • Men aged 45+
  • Additional affections:  diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • 52% college attended
  • 82% homeowners
  • 74% shop online for books, vitamins, software, travel

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Experience greater and longer lasting erections, along with a noticeable increase in thickness! High EPCs for massive gains!

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