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The Electricity Freedom System is a step-by-step guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own “home power plant” TODAY, slashing your electric and gas bill in the next 30 days!

Because once you’ve taken 3 hours to build out this system, it won’t matter if the grid collapses, electric prices surge, there’s a natural gas shortage or oil prices skyrocket…

If you have grass or leaves in your yard or you can buy hay somewhere in town or even if one single person in your town leaves their grass clippings on the curb after they mow their lawn…

You will be insulated from energy costs for as long as you live.

Super high quality VSL shown to convert like gangbusters! Capitalizing on the “Green energy” movement has never been easier with this product. We’ve paid more than usd $900,000 in affiliate commissions to date. Revamped upsell funnel coming soon for even bigger commissions!

Customer Fact Sheet:

  • 70% male – 30% female
  • Age: 50+
  • Conservatives
  • Interested in finance, survival, business and other congruent topics

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The green energy phenomenon product of 2019.

How I powered my entire home with nothing aside from a few bags of grass clippings.

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Subject line 1:
Engineers Call This The "Solar Panel Killer"


This new device may demolish the entire solar panel industry.

If you or someone you know is concerned about their electricity bill each month...

Or you are considering shelling out tens of thousands of your HARD-EARNED money on the solar panels...

Then you absolutely must STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING immediately and watch this very short video before it's too late!

It describes a new and cheap invention that is so DANGEROUS and revolutionary to the status-quo politicians and giant energy companies...

Because it lets ANYONE, no matter how smart or rich you are, generate ALL of the electricity that your home needs...

And it lets you do it COMPLETELY FOR FREE using materials that you already have in your home.

Find out how this can slash your electric bills right now in this brief video!


Over 72,000 patriotic Americans have already built one of these very same all-natural home "power plants"...

And are enjoying the incredible satisfaction of collecting monthly checks from their energy companies...

All while keeping their families safe and comfortable no matter what kind of crazy shenanigans the socialists in the White House or the terrorists in the Middle East try to pull.

WARNING: This quick video has been known to make any self-respecting American absolutely furious!

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Subject line 2:
Scientists Scream After This Invention Proves To Be 12 Times More Efficient Than Solar Panels


It doesn't matter where you live... it doesn't matter what you know about solar and wind energy. They're all ZERO after the release of this!

At this point all that matters is to watch the video below:


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It's about how scientists are stunned after they finally discovered something way more efficient (for all self-respecting Americans) than solar energy.

They just couldn't believe their eyes... and it's right here.

Rumors say that the energy world the way you know it will never be the same again...

and that many scientists preferred to flee than to face this life-changing energy miracle.

Some say it's from GOD.. others that it has always been there...

and even others that it might be just dust in the wind.

One thing is sure... this video is taking the internet by storm... and 99343 other people like you and me watched it and took the right decision.

It's all here!

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Subject line 3:
12X More Efficient Than Solar Panels (Scientists In Disbelief)


Scientists and engineers were in silence when they saw this...

A breakthrough device...adapted from a simple invention from the 1800s...

Which American settlers used to heat their homes... and to cook warm meals during the long, harsh winters...

Can allow you to generate enough electricity to slash your monthly power bill by 70%... 80%... or even 100% starting tomorrow...

Some scientists believe this produces 12X more energy than those ugly black panels

...and yet, the entire system costs less than your energy bill last month.

Watch this video to see how to have this incredible "home power plant" and start saving money right now.


Here's what happened...

A desperate father in Illinois has set up this "prairie generator" that produces enough gas and electricity to power an entire 4-bedroom home...

According to everyone who has seen his blueprints...

Anyone can set up this powerful "power plant" in a matter of hours - even if they've never picked up a wrench in their life.

In other words, it's now possible to get off the grid by this weekend...

Imagine never worrying about another energy price hike or oil shortage...

Imagine being completely protected from a terrorist attack or a natural disaster robbing you and your family of warmth and comfort.

This short video shows how you can join over 70,000 other Americans who have "cut the cord" with the blood suckers at their utility companies...

And are now collecting monthly checks from their electricity and gas providers...

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