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A major breakthrough is changing everything the medical community knows about type II diabetics and the way they should be treated…As it proves your body has a secret, untapped reserve of antidiabetic cells that is waiting for you to use it.

The Blood Sugar Code gathers an international team of independent medical researchers, specialising in type II diabetes, weight loss and science-based nutrition.

Together, we’ve dug up through over 150,000 studies, lab tests, and books about the root causes of type II diabetes, blood sugar and insulin-producing cells

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Customer Fact Sheet:

  • Age: Aged 45-64 years
  • Male 57%, female 43%
  • 67% 45 years or older
  • Education: At least high-school
  • Weight: Overweight
  • Awareness Level: Do regular check-ups
  • 81% purchased online vitamin, supplement, health product last year online
  • 30% spent more than $1,000 in online purchases in the past 12 months
  • 75% more likely to spend heavily on medications

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Grow New Antidiabetic Cells By Eating This. Evergreen Niche With A Huge Market. All Traffic Sources Friendly.

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Subject line 1:
Grow New Antidiabetic Cells By Eating This


After decades of research, this latest discovery changes everything about type 2 diabetes...

As it finally proves something doctors could have never thought possible:

Your body has a secret, untapped reserve of antidiabetic cells waiting for you to use it!

The best part?

Anyone can activate these cells today just by adding this sweet fruit to their breakfast!

See here the amazing fruit that's making diabetes drugs absolutely useless!


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Subject line 2:
Doctors Speechless - This Fruit Cuts Blood Sugar By 91%


Many doctors can't believe their eyes...

Many can be in denial but they can't ignore the truth...

Every patient who ate this fruit experienced a massive improvement in their diabetes symptoms within days...

Their blood sugar dropped almost instantly...and most of them claim that they have 'never seen anything like this'. A few patients even got their perfect health back.

Click here to see the cheap fruit that's setting the medical world on fire.


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Subject line 3:
One Tablespoon of This Keeps Your Blood Sugar Below 100 (Even When You're Eating Sweets)


Every diabetic must see THIS urgent video!

Stanford scientists recently discovered a mind-bending solution shown to lower your blood sugar effortlessly...

This totally surprising mix of ingredients is so powerful...

That taking just one tablespoon helps your pancreas control insulin levels instantly...

Without the need for drugs, or restrictive diets!

And you can prepare it today, in your own kitchen...

Just by using a couple of cheap items from the supermarket (you won't believe your eyes when you'll see the main ingredient)...


Find out here how over 57,000 diabetics returned to their favorite sweets in a matter of days!

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