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We purposefully made the Backyard Refinery as simple to build as possible. There aren’t that many parts required to begin with, but our assembly guide, and the over-the-shoulder videos make the entire build process a cinch.

Also, there’s no need to rush through the build process…

This isn’t a competition, so you can feel free to move at your own pace.

First, you get the entire parts and materials list (as well as substitute parts), so you only have to make one trip to your junkyard or hardware supply store.

You’ll get the entire step-by-step instructional guide and illustrations showing you exactly how to build the Backyard Refinery.

You’ll also get the over-the-shoulder videos that put you right there with us for every single step of the way…

Ensuring that you never get lost, you can move at your own pace, and get your new Backyard Refinery up and running as quickly as possible.

Backyard refinery was initially tested as a concept on the top 3 US online survival boards. The initial feedback was so tremendous that we have decided to turn it into a one of a kind product: we’ve listened to what preppers wanted & we have over-delivered. Backyard Refinery is the Holy Grail for survivalists and conservatives alike. This winning offer is still fresh, so we recommend getting on-board right now: just set up the campaigns and watch the conversions kick in!

Customer Fact Sheet:

  • 67% Married
  • 75% Homeowners
  • 43% Earn over $100,000 per year
  • 45% Hold a college, or advanced graduate degree

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Red hot survival offer with a major twist!

he easiest way to make your own “plastic-to-oil refinery” Insane CVRs! Insane ROIs ! Insane Commissions!

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Subject line 1: Ohio Family Orders 10,000 Plastic Bags For The Winter (Their Reason…Uncanny!)


Can you make your house 4 times warmer...

Slash your monthly utility bills by 95%...

And fill your gas tank for free...

Just by using plastic?

Watch how this Ohio family obtains energy from a few plastic bags...

With a breakthrough Japanese invention...

That can be built at home in less than 2 hours...

No matter your age or technical skills!

See how easy it is by watching this “over the shoulder” demonstration...

All you need are a couple of materials that can be found at the local store for under $50!

As this presentation is already going viral on major news channels and social media...

Saving every viewer at least $14,000-$24,000 in a year...

No wonder big utility companies want it locked in a vault!

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Subject line 2: How I Made My House 4X Warmer Just By Using A Few Plastic Bags


This presentation is already going viral on major news channels and social media!

Scientists across the world are stunned by a bizarre and powerful Japanese breakthrough...

That instantly turns plastic into energy...

And immediately slashes your monthly utility bills by 95%!

Watch how a Japanese uses a few plastic bags and coffee lids to obtain high grade oil...

Not only making his house warmer, but also filling his gas tank completely for free!

The best part matter your age or technical skills...

You can build this machine in less than 2 hours...

Using 6 materials that are already in your backyard or can be found at the local store for under $50!

See how easy it is by watching this live “over the shoulder” demonstration...

And save at least $14,000 - $24,000 in a year...

Even if gas skyrockets to $20 a gallon!


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Subject line 3: Scientists Scream After This Invention Proves To Be 12 Times More Efficient Than Solar Panels


It doesn't matter where you live... it doesn't matter what you know about solar and wind energy. They're all ZERO after the release of this!

At this point all that matters is to watch the video below:


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It's about how scientists are stunned after they finally discovered something way more efficient (for all self-respecting Americans) than solar energy.

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Rumors say that the energy world the way you know it will never be the same again...

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Some say it's from GOD.. others that it has always been there...

and even others that it might be just dust in the wind.

One thing is sure... this video is taking the internet by storm... and 99343 other people like you and me watched it and took the right decision.

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