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#1 Vendor who has paid out over $180,000,000 in commissions launches new insane contest:

Make Just 1 sale, Win $5,000 In Cash...
5 Lucky Random Affiliates Will Walk
Away With $25,000 In Cash

Media buyers and list owners, here’s your chance to triple your revenues and make November your best month ever... with these 3 monster offers.

What Is This Contest About?

We are a top Clickbank vendor since 2014, and have paid out close to $180,000,000 in commissions just on Clickbank
in the health niche.
Over $ 120000000
In affiliate commisions since 2014
For November, we are organizing an affiliate contest, with $40,000 in cash prizes for the top affiliates.
And what’s more, if you just make 1 sale, you have the chance of making
$5,000 in cash as well. 5 random affiliates will be chosen during the contest.

Never Worry About Saturation Or Competition

These offers are fresh…and because they convert, they are already climbing on the ranks of Clickbank. In fact, because they are new, they convert much better than almost all the offers in the Marketplace.
And we have 3 offers in different niches for you to choose from, so never worry about saturation. I guarantee these are some of the best offers you have ever promoted.
However, we are thinking of taking all our offers private in the next month…so there is more control over the affiliates. To promote our offers,
first you need to get your ClickBank IDs whitelisted by entering it below.

Sounds Good, So What Do I Promote?

The top offer from the bunch by far, is ProMind Complex. Even though this has only been launched a week ago, this monster is crushing it especially on emailing. On FB and Native, these offers are doing up to 260% ROAS for some of our affiliates.
Our offers (Click to reveal more):

This is our top offer to date.

It’s a unique offer on how a common bacteria can be causing brain fog, tiredness, as well as “senior forgetfulness”.


The copywriter and the internal media team did MANY rewrites of the lead and after tons of testing…finally the current Promind Complex is born.

This is killing it on emailing, so if you have any lists (even if its ‘off-niche’, notsomething you usually promote on your list)…

I guarantee this pulls much better than your usual ‘top offer’.

Many list owners/media buyers are surprised at how much this offer pulls.

Our top affiliates are just beginning to test FB and Native channels… and the initial results are stellar. Their performance is so good, we are thinking of closing down the offer for everyone else very soon, so they can be more or less ‘exclusive’ on those channels.

If you are our active affiliate on this offer, you will have permanent access to this offer (even if we close this offer down to new affiliates).

So get your ClickBank IDs whitelisted today, and start promoting!


This weight loss offer works ridiculously well on Facebook.

Its very fresh, and the conversion rates are higher than most of the weight loss offers you can find on Clickbank.

You can promote it as a deep/restful sleep supplement (with a weight loss angle), or you can promote it as a weight loss offer.

In order to keep the profits big for our top affiliates, we’re interested in giving exclusivity only to a few affiliates!

So, you need to act fast if you want to promote it.


This is our newest prostate offer.

It does super well on Facebook and emailing in general, but we are seeing stellar results on native.

Big embarrassment lead, amazing story written by a veteran copywriter in the field.

We spent months testing the angles, and now we have finally cracked it.

Stunning video production as well, one of the best we have seen.

We are pushing it on our internal lists, and the EPCs reach up to $5.60 a click!

If you don’t push this, you are missing out. Enough said.

You can make up to $624 per sale, and we have seen EPCs of over $5.20 and conversion rates from 1.5% to as high as 6%.

It’s a bit under the radar now because only a few select platinum affiliates know about it (from the Money Call).

This product has received a lot of positive feedback from clients, and refunds are extremely low.

We also made sure our fulfillment centers are operating perfectly, and the current crisis will not affect delivery times or your commissions.

And to celebrate the launch of these amazing offers, we are hosting this affiliate contest between the dates 9th of November and 30th of November.

Time left until the contest begins

So How Do We Calculate The Sales? And How Is The Winner Judged?

The affiliate who makes the highest volume of sales across all 3 offers is considered the winner, and walks away with the top prize of $10,000.
However, if you make just 1 sale for any of these offers, you qualify to win $5,000 in cash ( paypal’ed to your account).
Why random affiliates get chosen and win $5,000 in cash?
We want all affiliates to at least test out these offers, because we know once you try them out, you’ll be blown away by the numbers.

Get registered now...

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We’ll also inform you about additional promotion materials along with news about new top products to promote so you can make more money.

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