Revenue River

More Than $ 55000

in Prize Money Could Be Handed Out In July

Make Just 1 sale, Win $5000 In Cash... (Will You Qualify?)

Media buyers and list owners, here’s your chance to triple your revenues and make July your best month ever.

Who are we and what is this contest about?

We are Revenue River – a boutique affiliate and traffic management agency.

You may not have heard of us, but we work behind the scenes for top clickbank vendors. Some of them are #1, #2 on Clickbank and  have paid out close to $100,000,000 in commissions over the past 6 years. The offers we are about to show you are solid, and are guaranteed to make you a lot of money.

And for the month of July, we are bringing in 3 strong vendors and organizing one of the biggest contests on Clickbank.

There is more than $100,000 in prize money up for grabs.

I guarantee these are some of the best offers you have ever promoted.

Remember, these offers have NOT been overexploited. They are fresh, written by top copywriters who charge $50,000-$100,000/letter, convert like gangbusters and tested meticulously by the internal traffic team.

The main prize pool will be $45,000.

And there is also a bonus if you generate more than 100 sales – you can make up to $20,000 extra!

And what’s more, if you just make 1 sale, you’ll be put into a lucky draw… where you have the chance of making $5,000 in cash as well. 5 random affiliates will be chosen during the contest.

“Wow, thanks for the extra $5,000!

When I first saw this contest, I said “why not”. I was already doing well with the current Clickbank offers but decided to switch to Lion’s offers.

And what a boost in conversions! Plus, Andreea is the best affiliate manager I have ever encountered.

The team moved really fast with my requests and is top notch!

Adrian P

June Contest Winner

Never Worry About Saturation Or Competition

These offers are fresh…and because they convert, they are already climbing on the ranks of Clickbank. In fact, because they are new, they convert much better than almost all the offers in the marketplace.

Note: Offers Will Be Taken Off The Marketplace Soon

After this contest is over, these offers will be taken off the marketplace because we don’t want too many affiliates promoting it (and cannibalizing profits for our existing affiliates).  To promote our offers, first you need to get your cbids whitelisted by entering it below.  Otherwise you will not be eligible to promote it after the contest will be closed.

Count me in! So what do I promote?

So how do we calculate the sales? And how is the winner judged?

The  affiliate who makes the highest volume of sales across all 3 offers is considered the winner, and walks away with the top prize of $12,000.

However, if you make just 1 sale for any of these offers, you qualify for the random draw and a chance to win $5000 in cash (paypal’ed to your account).

5 random affiliates get chosen and win $5000 in cash each
(Total $25,000)

Plus, there will be extra incentives if you make more than 100 sales:

100 sales – $300 extra

500 sales – $2,000 extra

1000 sales – $5,000 extra

2000 sales – $11,000 extra

3000 sales – $20,000 extra

This additional prize money will be sent at the end of the contest.

Get registered now...

It is critical to register so we can inform you how the contest is coming along, and if you have won.

We’ll also inform you about additional promotion materials along with news about new top products to promote so you can make more money.

You will receive an e-mail with more details about promoting these offers in around 5 minutes after sign-up.

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