The Coolest New Year Affiliate Contest of 2023!

December 25th - January 25th


in FROSTY CASH + Additional Benefits

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RevenueRiver First Contest on ClickBank,
BuyGoods and Digistore24!

Time to flex those affiliate muscles! We’ve opened the playground on ClickBank, BuyGoods, and Digistore24 for our contest. It’s all about your choice, your style – promote away on your go-to platform and show ’em what you’ve got!

Time to flaunt (because, let's be real) 🎅

Revolutionize your earnings effortlessly with RevenueRiver – reigning supreme on ClickBank’s front page since 2014. We’ve been the unstoppable force, setting the bar higher and rewriting success stories. Consistently holding the top spots, we don’t just claim the throne; we dish out the most coveted prizes in the biz, turning affiliate dreams into reality for the past five years.

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Alright, let’s spill the New Year’s wonder details.

Our top-notch offers have been through the snowstorm of tests, vetted by our internal expert team and trusted affiliates alike.

What ties them all together?

These frosty deals are stacking up profits like there’s no tomorrow!

But hold on to your cozy scarves! In the spirit of giving back, we’ve whipped up a contest that’s so cool, it’ll give you chills. Get ready to unleash your inner affiliate ninja and wrap your hands around success like never before.

It’s your time to shine and turn those New Year resolutions into cold, hard cash.

Over $200,000 Cash Prizes Up For Grabs!

Why are these offers the snowflakes of success?

Crafted by our top-tier copywriters, they’re precision-engineered to unleash mind-blowing conversions. Fresh, irresistible, with angles that captivate and delivery methods that stand out – your target niches will be left craving more.

Now, here’s the frosty scoop: the main prize pool is a jaw-dropping $90,000!

And that’s not all! Get ready for surprise Weekend Flash Contests!

Exceed 300 sales, and we’ll dish out the prize right away. Don’t miss out on the additional $20,000 bonus prize pool!

But wait, there’s more magic in store!

Even if you lock in just ONE sale, you could walk away with a mind-blowing $5,000 cash prize. Brace yourself, as we’ll randomly select 5 lucky affiliates during the contest to score this incredible reward.


The Sweetest Offers You'll Ever Promote!

HoneyBurn: The buzzworthy secret to weight loss with the world's first purple honey.

  • Ignite Lipase Power: This sweet sensation cranks up lipase, the fat-busting enzyme.
  • Amplify Fat Burn: Watch fat vanish faster, helping you achieve your weight loss goals with flair.
  • Halt New Fat Storage: Bid farewell to unwanted fat buildup as HoneyBurn blocks new storage.
  • Insane Conversions and $3+ EPCs: Users are buzzing about HoneyBurn, making it a top-tier, money-spinning weight loss marvel with impressive EPCs of over $3. Get set to sweeten your success!

Fast Lean Pro: The Nobel "Fasting" Formula that leaves Keto in the dust.

  • Activate Fasting Power: Fast Lean Pro, the sole formula mimicking intermittent fasting without a single skipped meal. Trick your brain into fasting mode, commanding every fat cell to release and self-destruct.
  • Converts Like Crazy on Email, Native, Google, and Facebook.
  • VSL Crafted by an A-list Copywriter: The genius behind hundreds of ClickBank winners.
  • Profit-pumping powerhouse, boasting average EPCs of over $3.

LeanBliss: Your Natural “Ozempic” Alternative for record-breaking profits.

  • Stabilize, Reprogram, Reset: This solution stabilizes blood sugar, reprograms the brain to curb cravings, and instructs the body to stop storing excess fat. The pancreas resets, shedding those extra pounds one by one.
  • Easy & Delicious: LeanBliss is not just effective but also a delight to use, in the form of chocolate-flavored candy.
  • Crafted by A-list Copywriting Pros: The team behind million-dollar sales letters brings you LeanBliss, a formula based on clinically researched ingredients.
  • $3+ Average EPCs: LeanBliss is your ticket to skyrocketing profits, boasting average EPCs of $3 and above.

These Offers Are Total Game-Changers!
But, let's dive into the nitty-gritty:

Ever wondered how we crown the ultimate champ and tally up the sales in this heart-pounding contest?

Here’s the lowdown:

The affiliate rocking the highest sales across all offers becomes the triumphant ruler, walking away with a jaw-dropping $50,000 prize!

But hold on to your excitement – every single sale of these mind-blowing offers opens a gateway to another thrill. Picture this: you, as one of the 5 lucky affiliates, scoring a cool $5,000 in cold, hard cash. Yeah, you got it right!

We’re shaking things up by randomly selecting five affiliates, each winning a fabulous $5,000 cash prize.

But hold on tight, because the frosty fun doesn’t end there! As if the rush of the competition weren’t enough to send shivers down your spine, we’ve got extra wonders for the high-flying champs:

With rewards this juicy, it's time to unleash your sales wizardry and carve your name into the Hall of Fame in this sensational contest.

Setting Clear Rules
For A Level Playing Field

Enroll in the Contest: In addition to applying to promote on your favorite platform, it is essential to sign up for the contest register using the form below. Failure to do so will result in your sales not being counted toward the contest. Ensure registration to validate your entries and maximize your chances of success in the competition.

Sales Count on a Single ID: To ensure an even playing field, sales will be counted exclusively on a single Affiliate ID, whether promoting on ClickBank, BuyGoods, or Digistore24. We don’t aggregate sales across multiple IDs or platforms, so concentrate your efforts on one ID and one platform for accurate tracking.

Minimum Sales Requirement for Victory: To emerge as a winner, you must achieve a minimum of 500 sales.

Incentives for the First 5 Champions: Only the initial five victors qualify for additional perks. Give it your best shot to secure a spot among the top performers.

Adhere to Traffic Regulations: It’s crucial to follow the traffic restrictions outlined on our affiliate pages. Failure to comply may lead to contest disqualification and a subsequent ban. Let’s maintain fairness and stay within the specified guidelines.

Let’s Keep In Touch!

We’d like to let you know how the contest goes and, of course, if you’re the winner. So make sure you register to stay updated.

We would also like to offer you some extra promo materials and tell you more about other top offers. That’s right, we want you to make more money!

If you have any other questions, need assistance or just want to say hi, you can contact our friendly Affiliate Manager.

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