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August 1st - August 31st

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Get To Know Us And The Contest

RevenueRiver has been the unrivaled champion of ClickBank’s first page since 2014, dominating the marketplace like no other. Our track record speaks for itself, as we’ve consistently held the top positions and set new standards of success. We’ve not only claimed the throne, but we’ve also proudly awarded the biggest prizes in the industry over the past five years, making dreams come true for our affiliates.

Now, let’s dive into the juicy details.

Our carefully curated offers have undergone rigorous testing, both internally by our expert team and externally by our most trusted affiliates.

What’s the secret sauce that ties them all together? 

They’re cranking out profits like there’s no tomorrow!

But that’s not all! In the spirit of giving back, we’ve combined the most powerful offers to bring you the most electrifying contest ever seen on ClickBank. Get ready to unleash your potential and grab hold of unprecedented success.

It’s time to make your mark and turn your dreams into reality.

Over $125,000 Cash Prizes at Stake!

Why are these offers absolute gems? 

Because they’ve been expertly crafted by top-notch copywriters to deliver mind-blowing conversions. They’re irresistibly fresh, offering captivating angles and unique delivery methods that will leave your target niches begging for more.

Hold onto your seats because the main prize pool stands at a staggering $75,000!

If you drive over 6000 sales, we’ll sweeten the deal with an additional $20,000 as a cherry on top.

But hold onto your hats, because there’s even more excitement in store!

Even if you secure just ONE sale, you stand a chance to win a jaw-dropping $5,000 cash prize. Brace yourself, as we’ll randomly select 5 lucky affiliates during the contest to walk away with this incredible reward.


The Best Offers You’ll Ever Promote

HoneyBurn: The first and only purple honey for weight loss.

Neotonics: The ultimate skin solution in a probiotic gummy form.

TerraCalm: Unique French Mud for Healthy Looking Nails.

PowerBite: Dental Healing with this Unique “Thermal Calcium”

These Offers Are Absolute Winners!
But How Does It All Work?

You might be wondering, how do we calculate sales and select the ultimate champion?

Well, let me break it down for you: 

In this thrilling contest, the affiliate with the highest sales volume across all four offers will triumph and walk away with a phenomenal prize of $35,000!

But that’s not all – just a single sale of any of these incredible offers opens the door to another exciting opportunity. You could be one of the lucky affiliates to win a cool $5,000 in cash. Yes, you heard it right!

We’ll randomly select five affiliates to each win a fantastic $5,000 cash prize. It’s a chance to add even more sparkle to your success story!

That’s not the end of the rewards. As if the thrill of the competition isn’t enough, we have additional incentives for high achievers: 

500 sales: Score an extra $300 as a well-deserved bonus.

1,000 sales: Enjoy a generous $2,000 extra in your pocket.

2,500 sales: Celebrate with an impressive $5,000 extra cash prize.

5,000 sales: Revel in an astounding $11,000 extra reward.

6,000 sales: Brace yourself for an incredible $20,000 extra!

With rewards like these, it's time to unleash your sales prowess and make your mark in this sensational contest.

NEWS FLASH! Just added an extra $25,000 to the pot for the first affiliate to reach 5000 sales!

Let’s Set the Ground Rules and Keep Things Fair


Sales Count on One ClickBank ID: To ensure a level playing field, sales will be counted solely on a single ClickBank ID. We do not combine sales across multiple IDs, so make sure to focus your efforts on one ID for accurate tracking.


Same Commission For Everyone: During the contest period, all affiliates will run on the same commission structure. This rule ensures fair and equal opportunities for all affiliates participating in the contest. The commission structure, as communicated prior to the contest, will remain unchanged throughout the duration of the contest.


Exclusive Incentives for the First 5 Winners: Only the first five winners will be eligible to receive the extra incentives. So, make sure to give it your all and secure your spot among the top achievers.


Respect Traffic Restrictions: It’s important to adhere to each offer traffic restrictions that you can check out on our affiliate pages.. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the contest and a subsequent ban. Let’s keep things fair and within the designated guidelines.

With these points in mind … Let the games begin!

Let’s Keep In Touch!

We’d like to let you know how the contest goes and, of course, if you’re the winner. So make sure you register to stay updated.

We would also like to offer you some extra promo materials and tell you more about other top offers. That’s right, we want you to make more money!

If you have any other questions, need assistance or just want to say hi, you can contact our friendly Affiliate Manager.


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