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Hottest Contest Of This Summer!

July 1st - August 31st

$ 3900

In Cold Cash!

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Over $75,000 in cash prizes for top affiliates + $25,000 extra (see below)

4 hot offers that are “killing” it as we speak: dental, hearing, fungus and weight loss

Spokespersons for the videos (Doctors) >> huge conversion

Smart media buyers are loading the guns for this contest as we speak

Offers absolutely crush across a huge range of audiences

The Weight Loss and Fungus offers have different products (customers are kind of sick of supplements)

The Hearing Health offer comes with a unique angle, guaranteed to hook your audience

These offers are already doing 6 figures a day (see the proof below)

All these from the top marketers out there… we’ve reinvented the wheel again and again (see Dentitox,Steel Bite Pro, Prostastream)

If You’re A Media Buyer Or A List Owner,
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Get To Know Us And The Contest

We’re Revenue River and since 2014, our offers have always been on ClickBank’s first page. As a boutique affiliate and traffic management agency, we’ve paid more than $550,000,000 in commissions over the years.

The offers we’re proposing are tested both internally, by us and externally, by our most trusted affiliates. The one thing they have in common? They’re all money printing machines!

And because we want to give back, we’re teaming up with the 3 strongest vendors for the most exciting contest on ClickBank.

Over $100,000 In Cash Up For Grabs

These are some of the best offers you’ve ever promoted!

Why? Because they’ve been carefully crafted by top copywriters to convert like crazy. They’re all fresh and offer fascinating angles with unique delivery methods that the niches haven’t seen before.

The main prize pool is $75,000.

If you generate more than 100 sales, we’ll add an extra $20,000 for good measure.

But wait! There’s more!

If you make just ONE sale, you could be the lucky winner of a $5,000 cash prize as well. We’ll choose 5 random affs during the contest.

Here’s What The Past Winners
Had To Say


The Best Offers You’ll Ever Promote

Prodentim - Monster In The Dental Niche

SonoVive (Crazy Good In Niche With Untapped Potential)

Kerassentials (Fungus Dropper That Actually Works!)

Revival Tonic (Turned The Weight Loss Niche Upside Down)

These Are Great! But How Do You Calculate The Sales And Pick A Winner?

We’re glad you asked!

The aff with the highest volume of sales across all 3 offers is the winner. They’ll walk away with an amazing prize of $35,000..

However, just a single sale of any of these offers gives you the chance to win $5000 in cash.

5 Random Affs Could Win $5,000 In Cash Each

On top of that, you’ll also get rewarded if you make more than 100 sales:

100 sales $300 extra

500 sales $2,000 extra

1000 sales $5,000 extra

2000 sales $11,000 extra

3000 sales $20,000 extra

You’ll get this additional cash at the end of the contest.

Let’s Keep In Touch!

We’d like to let you know how the contest goes and, of course, if you’re the winner. So make sure you register to stay updated.

We would also like to offer you some extra promo materials and tell you more about other top offers. That’s right, we want you to make more money!

If you have any other questions, need assistance or just want to say hi, you can contact our friendly Affiliate Manager.

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